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Ovis is a sheep production facility specializing in the development and maintenance of a specific pathogen free flock for use in the agricultural and biomedical sciences. Pathogen reduction and the elimination of specific pathogens from the sheep flock are primary goals of Ovis.

Ovis, a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensed research facility, was founded in 1990 as a program for eradicating specific pathogens from a known sourced, closed, sheep flock. Since then, the program has been expanded into a sheep safety and quality assurance program which integrates strict biosecurity measures for specific disease control.

The specific pathogen free flock is developed and maintained so that sheep are not infected by commonly carried pathogens that can be found in most normal sheep flocks. These pathogens may interfere with research results, affect researchers’ health, reduce the sheep’s health and life span and affects the sheep’s ability to produce a safe, high quality biological product.

OVIShield Now Available

OVIShield is a sterile sheep serum product which can provide an antibody supplement for newborn lambs.
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Ovis is a USDA-licensed research facility under the Animal Welfare Act.
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Ovis Sheep - Quality Sheep for Quality Research.