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Ovis is highly motivated and will be glad to discuss any projects or proposals. We review all inquiries for our clients on a case-by-case basis. All inquiries, services and costs are held in the strictest of confidence. Costs for all services are quoted on an individual basis which includes animal cost, animal care (housing, feed, health care, etc.), material charges and professional services following establishment of protocols/procedures. Sheep and professional services offered include the following.


Sheep of All Ages and Sexes


Ovis offers sheep of all ages and sexes for use in the veterinary and biomedical research. Ovis sheep have an official USDA ear-tag to help identify their genealogy, health history and flock traceability. Sheep can be sheared, vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, and be individually tested for specific pathogens. Sexes and ages of sheep offered include:

Adults (1 year of age or older)
  • Males (ram)

  • Females (ewe)

  • Wethers (castrated male)


Lambs (newborn to 1 year of age)
  • Males (ram lamb)

  • Females (ewe lamb)

  • Wethers (castrated male lamb)

Time-Dated Pregnancies


Ovis offers time-dated sheep pregnancies for fetal research by natural or hormonally controlled breeding. Pregnancy confirmation is done by a serum assay at 30 days after breeding or by a qualified ultrasound technician which can determine single or multiple fetuses as early as 35 days of gestation. Ewes that are time-dated pregnancies can be confirmed negative for Q fever and other pathogens by serology or PCR testing from accredited diagnostic laboratories.

Registered and Accredited Surgical Facilities

Ovis has access to surgical facilities with qualified staff that can assist with proof of concept (POC) studies, GLP studies and development of sheep models for future research. Surgical procedures may be performed to create disease models to conduct research with medical devices or corrective surgeries. Ovis can house and care for established sheep models until future research can be performed. These surgical facilities are USDA registered, AAALAC accredited and NIH-OLAW assured. All surgical protocols must can be approved by the Ovis IACUC.

Shipment of Sheep and Products

Ovis does offer approved shipping services for its sheep and products. Purchased sheep will have a “Statement of Flock Health Certification” and “Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection” signed by a licensed veterinarian for shipping purposes. The safety and comfort of the animals is the primary concern during transport. Ovis uses the Livestock Weather Safety Index as the basis for handling and shipping decisions during periods of extreme weather. Vehicles used for shipping are equipped to protect against weather extremes and added comfort. Ovis also offers approved shipping services for blood products. The product can be shipped according to client specifications.

Blood and Tissue Products

Hyperimmune serum/plasma and blood products

Ovis can utilize healthy, mature sheep for normal and hyperimmune serum/plasma production and other blood products. Ovis does not reuse animals from previous immunization projects. Ovis cannot accept antigens that are live pathogens, carcinogenic to humans, or of unknown animal origin. A statement certifying as such must accompany all client provided antigens. Ovis can also supply whole sheep blood by request. All serum/plasma protocols and blood collection procedures are approved by the Ovis IACUC to ensure full compliance with animal welfare standards and regulations.



Ovis can supply tissues recovered from healthy sheep. Sheep tissues are recovered from a USDA licensed abattoir and inspected by a USDA Veterinary Medical Officer to ensure the tissues are healthy and can be released. The remaining meat can be sold for human consumption or donated to a family in need as determined by client preference.

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